Sensor HC SR04 (Ultrasonice range sensor)

Ready to use firmware is available for download at the releases page. The sourcecode is available here.

The text below is directly imported from the github project page. It is the same as the document found there.

Sensor Wemos D1 mini with HC-SR04

This firmware is meant to be used on a Wemos D1. It’s part of the IoT Kit for education project. It is based on the homie platform developed by Marvin Roger. The original documentation can be found here:

This node serves as a sensor that reports distance via MQTT. The sensor used is a HC-SR04.

Connecting the hardware

Connect the hardware as follows:

HC-SR04 Wemos D1 mini
VCC +5V (!)
Trig D6
Echo D7

Compiling and uploading

This firmware embeds the ui_bundle to make the initial configuration easier. In order to upload it into the SPIFFS filesystem you have to build the firmware first and then open up a terminal.

In the terminal enter the command pio run -t uploadfs to upload the contents of the /data directory. Once the upload has completed upload the firmware as usual or type the command pio run -t upload.

It is also possible to include a file config.json in the directorie /data/homie with preconfigured settings before you upload the files to SPIFFS e.g.:

    "password": "<PASSWWORD>"
    "username": "<mqtt username>",
    "password": "<mqtt password>",
  "name":"Sensor X",

For MQTT you can ommit username, password and auth if your MQTT server doesn’t requite authentication.

If you ommit base_topic it will default to the value “homie”


If all is configured well you should receive measurements on the following topics:


The json output contains the name of the sensor, the name of the metric reported and the value of the measurement.

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