New firmware and changes in build process

Jun 2, 2018

I’ve started to work on some additional firmwares. Since they’re not complete I changed the structure of the repositories and added branches. Most importantly, the development branch.

Github changes

My inspiration is from this site where Vincent explains a good approach.

Development is now done in the development branch (of course).

The build process has been modified slightly as well. All successful build images are now placed in builds which makes it easier to locate them.

Firmware changes

A new firmware is on its way. This time it’s with a small OLED display allowing students to provide information (such as values) in a convenient location

Build changes

Platformio allows to invoke extra scripts in the build process. I use a python script to move the firmware.bin files to a common builds directory instead of leaving them in the default .pioenvs directory. This makes it easier to locate and upload the firmware.